Athenian Interim

Every year, The Athenian School community takes a brief break from the packed schedules of academic classes, sports, and performing arts to explore areas of interest outside of the classroom.  In the days leading up to Spring Break, students have the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally, explore the Bay Area, or learn a new discipline on campus.

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This year, Athenian’s interims included:

International trips: Galapagos Islands, El Salvador, France (MS and US)

National trips: New York City, Ashland Theatre, Disneyland, White Privilege Conference, Monterey Bay Surfing (MS and US), Pinnacles Nat’l Monument (6th grade), Washington, DC (8th grade), and 26 days of AWE (11th grade).

Bay Area: Sites of San Francisco, San Francisco counterculture, Welding, Scuba certification

On-Campus Exploration: Digital SLR workshop, Zen, Sewing, Chinese martial arts, Games, Lyricism, Filmmaking, Basketball camp, Iron Chef Athenian, Earth care and Permaculture

Service and Adventure Trip to the Galapagos Islands

 Learn more about Athenian Interim here.

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