Marble Mazes: 6th Grade Focus Day

The 6th grade spent the day learning about teamwork and physics by building marble tracks. The challenge was to make the marble travel as slowly as possible through their track by experimenting with a variety of materials, learning by trial and error, and working through the challenges of cooperative problem solving.

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Athenian Interim

Every year, The Athenian School community takes a brief break from the packed schedules of academic classes, sports, and performing arts to explore areas of interest outside of the classroom.  In the days leading up to Spring Break, students have the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally, explore the Bay Area, or learn a new discipline on campus.

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This year, Athenian’s interims included:

International trips: Galapagos Islands, El Salvador, France (MS and US)

National trips: New York City, Ashland Theatre, Disneyland, White Privilege Conference, Monterey Bay Surfing (MS and US), Pinnacles Nat’l Monument (6th grade), Washington, DC (8th grade), and 26 days of AWE (11th grade).

Bay Area: Sites of San Francisco, San Francisco counterculture, Welding, Scuba certification

On-Campus Exploration: Digital SLR workshop, Zen, Sewing, Chinese martial arts, Games, Lyricism, Filmmaking, Basketball camp, Iron Chef Athenian, Earth care and Permaculture

Service and Adventure Trip to the Galapagos Islands

 Learn more about Athenian Interim here.

Athenian Nominated for Green Ribbon Award

Andrew Reckers, ’12, received the nomination for the first ever federal Green Ribbon Schools award on behalf of Athenian from California’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson.  Athenian is one of only four schools in the state to receive this nomination.   Read about the nominations and the Green Ribbon Awards here.

Athenian received a personal letter of congratulations from State Senator Barbara Boxer!

In an effort to continue “greening” the school, solar panels were installed on the roof of the Center for the Arts (CFTA).  You can see the solar panels on the roof peeking out through the trees.  Since Athenian installed solar panels in 2008, our PG&E energy consumption has dropped by 60%.  With the addition of the CFTA’s solar panels, The Athenian School is now 70% off the grid.

Bob Oxenburg, Athenian’s financial officer and one of our leading sustainability advocates, participated in a recent Focus Day with the 8th graders.  He presented the above chart to them and engaged them in thinking about their impact on the school’s resources.  The 8th grade had spent the day learning about Permaculture, a way of working with the land in a regenerative, restorative way.

 Learn more about The Athenian School’s “Greening” efforts here.

Preconceived Notions: The Mosaic Project Presents at Morning Meeting

Read the following words out loud:

Did you say “Monday is the first day of the week?”  Almost everyone does!  Now go back and read it again, carefully.  What’s the deal?

The Mosaic Project is an Oakland based nonprofit that works “toward a peaceful future by reaching children in their formative years.” This quick example illustrates how our minds perceive what we think we are going to see, rather than what we are actually presented with.  By confronting these issues in a safe, inclusive, comfortable environment, youth have the opportunity to learn skills to work toward peace.

Watch the video below to see Gyasi, Youth Leadership Director at The Mosaic Project, deliver the above experiment to The Athenian School.

To learn more about The Mosaic Project and how you can get involved, go here.