Athenian Club Fair

Today’s Club Fair showcased the variety of interests Athenian students have. There is a club for everyone: aspiring actresses, fashion divas, debaters, political gurus, tech geniuses, culture vultures, adventurers, readers…the list goes on.

Clubs are student-run and student-led. Any student with a passion can start a club by declaring a mission and finding a faculty mentor and interested peers. Take a look at this year’s club crop and check back frequently for updates on club activities. Note: Statements in quotes are official club mission statements.

Interweave (Gay-Straight Alliance)is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation, and work to end homophobia. Interweave hopes to function as a support group to students who are struggling with their identity as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, questioning, and to active allies. Interweave often educates the broader student community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Interweave is the gay-straight alliance at Athenian. The organization focuses on supporting students who are questioning their sexuality and/or their gender, keeping Athenian a safe environment, educating the Athenian community on queer and gender queer issues, and reaching out into the community beyond Athenian. We may bring in outside speakers to cover a particular topic, organize Day of Silence, and other GLBTIQ awareness events. Interweave builds community at Athenian and lessens the isolation that GLBTIQ students and their allies might otherwise experience.”

Community Action Board, a community service group.

A.G.E. (Athenian Gaming Experience) is a group for gamers to enjoy competition. Last year, this group did a lot of outreach and fundraising, including a 24 hour game-a-thon.

Journalism Club is the home of Athenian’s newspaper, The Pillar.

Business Club, for budding entrepreneurs.

Applied Science Club explores the application of science to everyday problems and puzzles. The electric car project is also a part of this club. Learn how to use a laser-cutter and a 3-D printer!

“The Latino Culture and Spanish Language Club promotes education and appreciation of the culture(s) and Spanish language of the Latino community at Athenian and beyond. We are open to all students interested in exploring and celebrating the Latino culture. The Latino Culture and Spanish Language Club advocates awareness on social, cultural and identity issues faced by the Latino population, both within the US and at Athenian. The Latino Culture and Spanish Language Club also actively engages in community service benefitting Monument Crisis Center in Concord, CA.”

Fashion Club discusses what it means to be stylish, shares fashion tips, and follows new trends.

Hip Hop State of Mind celebrates everything hip hop.

Parkour Club unites active individuals in the art of overcoming obstacles by disciplined movement.

Athenian Engineering Collective is the home of Athenian’s robotics team. Go Team 852!

The Outdoor Adventure club embraces Athenian’s Outdoor Adventure pillar through white-water rafting, climbing, camping, and other outdoor adventure activities.

“The Asian Club is open to anyone of any ethnic background. You do not have to be Asian to join our club. We are one of the largest and most active clubs at Athenian. The Asian Club is open to all students who are interested in sharing and learning more about Asian cultures. Our goal is to promote cross-cultural understanding among Athenian community members of diverse backgrounds.”

Political Action Club participates in social justice actions.

Conservative Club brings conservatives together to amplify their collective voice on campus.

Speech and Debate practices the art of oration and interlocution.

Students of Color Coalition was established at Athenian as a support group for students of color to foster conversations pertaining to diversity, both in this community and in the world around us. This group will provide a safe environment for students of color to share information, experiences, strategies, and emotions. We will utilize small-group discussion as a vehicle for mutual support, collaboration, validation and liberation. While the group recognizes Athenian’s attempt to embrace students of all backgrounds, students of color continue to struggle for equality and equity both within and outside the school community. In an attempt to achieve progress in this struggle, this group strives to help educate people in this community about beliefs, ambitions, and traditions of people of color.”

Azine is Athenian’s literary magazine. Dormant for several years, it has been revived by literary leaders on campus!

Book Club revels in the printed word.

Not pictured:

Round Square Club

“The purpose of Middle Eastern Club is to abolish all stereotypes concerning the Middle East and also to bring together all the vastly different cultures of this region and teach about their worldly differences and to also experience these different cultures in different forms (movies, bazaars, cuisine, etc.).”

Metavasi Clubhouse

Library Advisory Board

QED Math Club

Drama Advisory Board

Model UN