Should Leadership be a Sixth Athenian Pillar?

Today was the first Town Meeting of the school year.  To explain the process and purpose, the Town Meeting leadership–Moderator Joe, President Andrea, VP Andrew, and Secretary Haley–ran a mock Town Meeting.  The mock proposal up for debate was that Athenian should add leadership as a sixth pillar:

Click on the photo to read descriptions of the Pillars

Whereas leadership is a quality Athenian tries to instill in all of its students;

Whereas the Pillars currently do not express this aspect of an Athenian education;

Whereas Round Square currently lists leadership as a sixth core principle;

Resolved: We propose that we add leadership as a sixth pillar at Athenian.

While the following video is fairly long, it captures the unique quality of this student-run, democratic process.  You will hear arguments that range from changing our founding mission to whether there is physical space in the Main Hall for a sixth pillar.  Check it out!

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