Today was the first Town Meeting of the school year.  To explain the process and purpose, the Town Meeting leadership–Moderator Joe, President Andrea, VP Andrew, and Secretary Haley–ran a mock Town Meeting.  The mock proposal up for debate was that Athenian should add leadership as a sixth pillar:

Click on the photo to read descriptions of the Pillars

Whereas leadership is a quality Athenian tries to instill in all of its students;

Whereas the Pillars currently do not express this aspect of an Athenian education;

Whereas Round Square currently lists leadership as a sixth core principle;

Resolved: We propose that we add leadership as a sixth pillar at Athenian.

While the following video is fairly long, it captures the unique quality of this student-run, democratic process.  You will hear arguments that range from changing our founding mission to whether there is physical space in the Main Hall for a sixth pillar.  Check it out!

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