U.N.C.E.N.S.O.R.E.D. is an all-school meeting that invites the community to share ideas and discuss issues, typically outside of the realm of Athenian.  This morning, a student brought up the topic of the recent Innocence of Muslims video released on YouTube on 9-11.  Having discussed it in a seminar, the student wanted to hear what the community thought about the video.  Should it be censored?  How does freedom of speech play a role in the conflict?  Why was there such a strong response across the globe?

Some of the issues brought up and discussed include:

  • Is freedom of speech a good or bad thing?
  • Do we really have the right to say anything we want?
  • What does it mean to hate?  Why do people hate?
  • What justifies killing?
  • With freedom comes great responsibility
  • There is no personal accountability in the age of digital anonymity

Feel free to comment below with your own questions, thoughts, or natterings.