Art Revolution: Mapping the Self

Art Revolution is the brain child of Stacey Goodman, art teacher.  Wanting to show students the true power of art to “engage and effect transformation in the community,” Stacey created a new year-long course that “gives students the artistic skills, organizational methods and social-historical understanding to initiate and complete a community art project.”  Through creative exploration, students are tackling some big issues including community, identity, culture, and affinity.  You can read the Syllabus here.

Below is a group of photos of the class’s Self Maps, an art project that challenged them to think about their own identity and shared affinities.

Self Maps Assignment: Student creates a decorative, color coded community map of the self. This project is part diagram that uses spoke-mapping as well as color/decorative elements that show their identity as one comprised of shared affinities with societal groups. The student uses design principles to create a concept-driven work meant to show hidden and visible identities, conventional and surprising affinities, how identity can be reflected through artistic expression as well as an understanding that identity can consist of more than the usual groupings around ethnicity, gender, etc.

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