Airplane Project Blog Tips

Hello airplane mechanics!

Here are some tips for posting to the Athenian School Blog Airplane page:

      1. Login at (Username = airplane; check with the advisers for the password)
      2. Once you login, you will see the WordPress Dashboard, which looks like this:
        A.  Click here to view the blog

        B.  Click +New to create a new blog post.  This will take you to the new post screen (see below)

        C. Check to make sure that you are logged in with the correct account.  If it says “Howdy, Airplane” you are in the right place.

        D.  If you want to create a short blog post, you can do it right from the Dashboard.  Give your post a title, type up your content, add pictures, and click Publish.

      3. Create a new post using the New Post Screen
        E. Type your post title here.

        F. Type your post here.

        G.  Editing tools.  There are advanced tools in the two rows below the highlighted section; if you know what these tools are, feel free to use them.

        H. Save your draft.  Do this after you title your post.  This way your draft is saved if your browser crashes.

        I.  Click Preview to see what your blog post will look like when it is published.

        J.  You can choose what type of format you would like your post to be.  Most posts will be Standard, the default option.

        K.  Enter tags here.  Tags can be a useful tool to organize posts and find information quickly and easily.

        L.  To add photos or documents to your post, click Upload/Insert.  Follow the prompts on the pop-up screen to add your media.

        M.  When your post is finished, you’re ready to publish. (Don’t forget to edit first.)  Click Publish to publish your post.  You can then view your post on the blog.

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