Interim 2013

Every year, The Athenian School community takes a brief break from the packed schedules of academic classes, sports, and performing arts to explore areas of interest¬†outside of the classroom. In the days leading up to Spring Break, students have the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally, explore the Bay Area, or learn a new discipline on campus. Faculty typically design trips and activities around their own passions and talents, creating a broad range of opportunities for students to explore their own extracurricular interests. This year’s interims include:

On-Campus/Greater Bay Area

Basketball mini-camp

Bay Area Chinese Culture

Bohemian Life: Living the Hipster Counterculture of San Francisco

Bollywood Extravaganza

Chinese Martial Arts

Welding, Glass, or Jewelry at The Crucible

Eating and Cooking Locally

Film School

Kitchen Chemistry

Latin Dance Party

Learn to Code: Programming (taught by Athenian alum Kevin Burke ’06)


Mountain Biking in the Bay Area

Robotics: Prep for Regionals

San Francisco: Science, Sights, and Sounds

Sew What? PJ Pants

Traditional Bow Making

Zen Meditation


Environmental Education Camp (Cabin Leaders)

Horseback Riding and Hiking the CA Coast

Theatre in Ashland

Santa Cruz Surfing

Pinnacles National Monument (6th grade class trip)

Washington, DC (8th grade class trip)



Puerto Rico


Discover Interim

Interim on

Middle School China Trip

7th Grade China Interim Trip

Athenian Interim

Comment Dites-Vous Athenian

Cambodian Adventure: Learning History and Photography

Junior Nominated for Volunteer Scholarship

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