And so it begins…The Spirit of Athenian III


Marsh addresses the group

Opening the kits

Opening the first crate…drum roll please!

The Van’s RV-12 kit crates arrived at the school during the summer of 2012. We had the plane…now all we needed was a student work crew to build it. Shortly after the 2012-13 school year began, we launched the program with an informational meeting on August 29 at the Maker’s Studio/Airplane Hangar for interested students and their parents. The masses gathered to hear Marsh speak about the history of the Airplane project at Athenian, to ask questions, and to witness the ceremonial opening of the first kit crate.

It was thrilling to see the students and their parents asking thoughtful questions, and to sense their enthusiasm when the crowbar lifted the lid on the first box, revealing the shiny contents underneath. While it didn’t really “look” like an airplane yet, for many, the project became more real at that moment.

Up next…the student work sessions begin.

Van's RV-12 kit

One of the Van’s RV-12 kit crates

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