Morgan Fire: Photos and Emergency Plan Update

Now that the fire has been contained and Mt. Diablo State Park has reopened, the School decided we could share student and faculty photos taken from around the Bay Area. Additionally, Eric has included information about emergency communication plans in the works.

Day 1

Photo by Sarah (Martinez)


by Sam Tierney ’16 (Alamo)

Photo by Trevor Grauman (Danville)

by Trevor Grauman ’16 (Danville)

Photo by Sam Tierney

by Sam Tierney ’16

Photo by Sarah (Martinez)


Day 2

Photo by Dave Otten (on campus)

by Dave Otten (on campus)

(on campus)

Photo by Laura Victorino (San Ramon)

by Laura Victorino (San Ramon)

Students sign thank-you's to the firefighters

Students sign thank-you’s to the firefighters

Thank you to firefighters

Emergency Response Update

Athenian was alert and responsive through the duration of the fire. Head of School Eric Niles and CFO Khira Ghriscavage were in close contact with fire personnel throughout the week. Notices were sent to parents via email as new information was discovered and athletics was cancelled once due to air quality concerns. Emergency plans were in place should the school need to evacuate; fortunately, classes were able to continue and no evacuation was necessary .

However, Athenian is always looking to improve on its systems. The School currently subscribes to emergency alert notification technology through Connect Five, an emergency broadcasting system. The School is in the process of creating a system that will allow all members of our community to receive phone and text updates. Before this can happen, several databases will need to be created with accurate information. Please stay tuned for more information as the School rolls out this new program.

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