8th Grade Girls Hear from Women Business Leaders

The girls of the 8th grade glass took a special field trip to Diablo Country Club this past Friday to hear from the Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley Private Bank and the Executive Vice President of Safeway, Shelley O’Connor and Dianne Dietz, respectively. Both women spoke on the theme of “Living Well and Living Wisely,” sharing their personal stories of success.

“We learned what it takes to be successful in a corporate environment,” explained Ciara C. ’18, an 8th grader. Livy W. ’18 explained, “They told us about all the things that they’ve done and how they got to where they are now. It was really inspiring to listen to how successful these women are in a business that is really dominated by male figures.” The girls were particularly impressed by how the women were able to balance a family and career: “That’s one thing I was really happy they touched on—it’s not just about devoting your entire life to work and making money,” said Livy. “They shared the balance between family and work,” echoed Ciara.

More information on the event and the speakers can be found here.

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