Student Photos in Danville Art Gallery Exhibit

This Friday, October 11, join Athenian photographers at an opening at the Village Theatre Art Gallery in downtown Danville of pictures taken during the Athenian interim trip to Cambodia and Vietnam this past March.

The opening is from 5-8pm with a student presentation at 7pm.

Please extend the invitation to family and friends! Proceeds from the sale of photos in the exhibition as well as notecards (available on-campus this week during lunch) will benefit Sala Phum Pheak Bourn Primary School, a school Athenians visited in Cambodia. A special thanks to Adam Thorman, Tom Swope, Karen Sanford and Kathleen Huntington for their support of this event.

The exhibit, Perspectives; Life in Cambodia and Vietnam, will open Oct. 11 and run through Nov. 9.

Featured Artists:

Students – Alison Blick ’13, Alana Brown, Amanda Hamilton, Melise Knowles, Andrew McBeth, Emma Schwartz, Gianna Scolini ’13, Ania Smith, Tessa Sternberg, Charles Thimesch ’13, and Nicole Thrower

Art Instructor – Niki Stefanelli

Trip Leader – Jim Sternberg

Master Photographer – John Rizzo

Photo by Nicole Thrower 

Photo by Amanda Hamilton 


Photo by Emma Schwartz

Photo by Andrew McBeth 

Photo by Gianna Scolini ’13

Perspectives Press

Southeast Asia Through the Eyes of Danville High School Students, September 27, 2013, Danville Patch

Danville’s Athenian School Exhibits Photos from Cambodia and Viet Nam, October 4, 2013, San Jose Mercury News

Look for an upcoming article in The Contra Costa Times on Thursday!

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