Cast Your Vote for Town Meeting Officials!

Cast your vote in the quad

Cast your vote in the quad

Athenians in the Upper School–Make sure you exercise your democratic muscle and vote for Town Meeting officials tomorrow at lunch! Faculty and staff, remember that you can vote too.

Vote for your representatives for Town Meeting President, VP, Moderator, and Secretary. This year’s candidate pool is notable in that two freshmen are running for positions (Moderator and VP). Read soundbites from candidates’ election speeches:

“I can ensure an effective Town Meeting that means as much to all of you, as it means to me.” –Dina Mehta ’15

“I will be dedicated beyond belief to moderate a town meeting in a way that will make people want to stay.” –Ryan Ball ’15

“As moderator, it is my goal to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and taken into account and that meetings run smoothly.” –Ysabel Munoz ’17

“It is my firm belief that Town Meeting is one of the most special parts of our community. All students, not just a small group who are elected to a student council like at most schools, but every student is invited to participate in a discussion about the framework of our community.” Sarah Newsham ’15

“I want to be your Town Meeting moderator because I want the student’s voices to be heard.” –Trenton Tan ’15

Vice President:
“This school has shaped and molded me into the person standing before you today. I owe a great amount to this school and that is why I would like to be your Vice President.” –Delaney Inamine ’15

“Any decisions that are made and any decisions that I assist in making will be with you guys in mind.” –Zarah Sheikh ’17

“I promise to fully and wholly commit myself to serving the needs and the concerns of the community. Because when you love a place as much as I do, you want to do everything in your power to make it the very best place it can possibly be.” –Tessa Sternberg ’15

“I do want to say, that even if I don’t get elected, I’ll be doing this anyway, because my passion is seeing ideas come alive, seeing what was first in the mind appear before our eyes.” Lauren Glenn ’15
“Students, teachers, faculty: we ask you to join us. We ask for your support, questions, and ideas so we can create what we want Town Meeting to be. Because in the end, participants empower democracy.” Lauren Santo Domingo and Ryan Donovan ’15
“If there’s a problem in our community, it’s easy to recognize it, but a challenge to take action to change it. I want to be there for students to help them take action.” Brendan Suh ’15

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