A Teacher’s Powerful Story of Pain and Love

By Eric Niles, Head of School

I have long felt that telling one’s story is a critical part of connecting with students.  When I was teaching classes rather than administrating, I always set aside the first day of class to tell my story, to make myself more real and human to my students.  My story has dramatic and poignant moments, but nothing like the story of Mark Lukach, one of our Upper School Humanities teachers, and his wife, Guilia.  It talks of pain and love to their deepest extent.  It is human.  It is his story, and our students should know that his life, his teaching, is impacted by his unique experiences.  And they should know that we adults don’t get to his place without deep sorrows, missteps, and concerns.  As we echo Kurt Hahn‘s words to our students embarking on the Athenian Wilderness Experience (AWE): “There is more in you than you know.”  The adults in their lives can let them know how true that is.

It is a long read, but well worth it.

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