2015 Year in Rap Entries from US History Classes

For the last four years, Athenian students have entered (and won!) the New York Times’ Year in Rap writing contest.  This year, the number of entrants increased and our entries didn’t place.  But they did a stellar job of capturing last years’ events.  In just one class period, each class outlined the previous years’ major events and then together crafted a rap in mostly rhyming couplets about 2015.  Check out their raps below.

Abant, Andrew, Genevieve, Abigail, Grace, Julius, Yegor, Julian, Jeremy, Caleb, Morgan, Molly, Elliot, Zarah, and Hannah

It’s the New Year, now reflect is what we do,

Starting with the world talkin’ ’bout CO2.

Technology advances with driverless cars,

We explored past Pluto and found water on Mars.

Adele’s hit music debuts at number one,

While the new Star Wars rakes in money by the ton.

Chipotle’s E. Coli plagued the nation,

Volkswagen’s lies brought defamation.

The Warriors were lit, they did it for the Bay,

Seattle should’ve run it, but New England made the play.

The nations unites to defend against ISIS,

While Europe becomes frantic with the refugee crisis.

Presidential candidates put up a good fight,

And at last we made history for gay marriage rights.

Natalie’s Everlasting Love made us stronger,

Spock’s legacy: live long and prosper.


Nathan, Sonya, Lexi, Isabella, Gianna, Ishaani, Ben, Ian, Nathaniel, Joey, Ishaan, Sally, Anson

Trump’s winning plan is to build a wall,

But at least love and marriage is legal for all.

Europe was burdened by a refugee crisis,

All of it was caused by extremists called ISIS.

Uber’s been stealing all that taxi business,

While Shkreli’s corporation was put out of existence.

Dub Nation won the Finals led by Chef Curry

And Marshawn should’ve grabbed the ball in a hurry.

Kim K and the dress they broke the Internet,

And Adele’s now 25; it’s her best album yet

Just when you thought Star Wars forsaken,

The Force awakened and was record breakin.

Sci-Fi masters Sir Lee and Nimoy are gone,

With them we lose Spock, Dracula, and Saruman.

 Back to the future is a blast from the past,

Because 2016 is here at last.

Poppy R., Ciara, Natalie, Saryan, Alexandra, Trang, Justine, Daniel, Max, Will, Eileen, Katie, Simona

Curry made it rain for the Golden State

But did Brady drop the ball with deflate-gate?

Steve Harvey couldn’t get Miss Universe right

And it turns out The Dress was just a trick of the light

The loss of Spock left the whole world shaken

But in the dead of winter, the Force Awakened

By (or in)  summer China’s stock market hit the floor

As Syrian refugees searched for an open door

The world rallied with Paris, attacked twice by Isis

Even Pope Francis agrees our climate’s in crisis

This year made it clear that Black Lives Matter

While the Woman of the Year caused quite some chatter

Same sex marriage was legalized this year

Went Back to the Future, now we outta here

Amidst fierce competition in the Presidential race,

NASA found some love on Pluto’s face


Camille, Maddy, Zarmeena, Lauren, Amanda, Sunny, Jennifer, Jackson, Sophie Y, Rahul, Anson, Zain, Devin, Will, Lucas, Poppy, Chloe, Sophie T

 Hello it’s me, 2015

The year JJ broke records with new Star Wars scenes

As ISIS reined terror in their Paris attacks

Brave civilians stood up to protect the lives of blacks

It’s about time-gay marriage is finally legal

Sorry Kim Davis, you don’t look so regal

Steve Harvey, John Travolta, you haven’t done well

It was actually Miss Philippines and Idina Menzel

 We got pictures of Pluto, and found water on Mars 

Technology advances and we made self-driving cars.  

We’ve got droughts, we’ve got floods, we’ve got refugees

fleeing from regimes that could bring us to our knees

 In deflate gate the Patriots wanted a jump

Andrew Luck should have brought in an air pump

Hillary, Donald, And Bernie Sanders

Who will prevail in the elections as the commander?

Olivia, Ellie, Phoebe, Serena, Florian, Ryan, Alex, Chloe, Victoria, Amanda, Skyler, David, Monty, Brian, Alexa and Christina 

 2015, the year love finally won

Also winning, US women’s soccer’s number one.

While some US states won’t aid the refugee crisis,

The world joins forces to fight the war on ISIS.

Donald Trump’s popularity was a curveball

Especially when he suggested we build a great wall.

The Golden State Warriors, champs of the NBA

Chef Curry and Klay Thompson got buckets all day.

Remember that kid who got arrested for a clock?

After the law suit, the courts are still in shock.

Freedom and equality, that’s what the US is for-

So why don’t black lives matter, as seen in Baltimore?

A lot has changed in the Kardashian-Jenner clan,

With Saint West joining and Caitlyn taking a stand.

 This December, Harvey really made a scene,

Crowning Miss Columbia, oh wait Miss Philippines.