Linda, Meg, and Bev: We Will Miss You!

We wish a fond farewell to Bev Gomer, Linda May, and Meg Freedman, who are retiring at the end of the school year.  Bev Gomer has served the Admission Office for 1 years, Linda May has been the Middle School Office Coordinator for 16 years, and Meg Freedman has taught Middle School English for 10 years.  These women have contributed in so many ways to Athenian, from serving as Dean to running Homework Club to performing in the Faculty/Staff Show, they will be missed as pillars of the community.

Meg Freedman

by Chris McCulloch

Unknown-2We in the Middle School would like to let the Athenian community know that beloved English teacher Meg Freedman will be retiring at the end of this school year.

Meg has been instrumental in facilitating the academic and social growth of our middle school students. As an encouraging teacher, she has helped our sixth graders begin the journey toward finding their voices. As a trusted advisor, Meg has been there for her advisees and their families to help tackle problems and celebrate successes.

Our faculty will miss Meg’s calm, steady demeanor and sage advice pertaining to our programs and our students. I had the good fortune to share the English 6 classes with Meg for several years. Meg has been an eager collaborator and patient listener. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

While we will miss Meg greatly, we are also very excited for her as she begins this new chapter in her life. She has given much to Athenian, and we are so grateful that she has personally touched so many of us.

Here’s to many exciting adventures, Meg! You are always welcome at Athenian.

Beverly Gomer

by Chris Beeson

DSC07632I want to acknowledge and thank Bev for her more than ten years of significant service to Athenian and the Admission Office.  

Many families have told me how helpful and warm their interaction with Bev has been. Her work with families and students has allowed them to understand and feel comfortable with Athenian’s mission and programs, as well as what the Athenian experience could do for them.  Her help and counsel has been invaluable to many.

In addition, Bev has supported the Admission program during a period of amazing growth. Nearly everything we do today in Admission is happening at a higher level than when Bev joined the office. From online registration and open houses  to visit programs and application systems, Bev has been a key player in the evolution of what we do.

Bev has also served as Dean of Staff and has been a warm and supportive colleague during her tenure at Athenian.

Bev will be missed.

Linda May

by Vicki Fleming

IMG_1521Linda, my partner in crime in the Middle School office, will be retiring at the end of the school year. I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for all that Linda has done during her 16 years at Athenian. For me personally, she has been a co-worker, a confidant, a mentor, and a true friend. I am deeply saddened to see her go and cannot begin to imagine how boring the office will be without her quick wit and cheerful personality. That being said, this is an exciting time in her life and I wish her nothing but the best in retirement! After 16 years at Athenian, she has earned it!

I cannot count the times that I have heard parents, students, and teachers comment on what a fabulous person she is and what an asset she is to the Middle School. Linda is the kind of person who immediately makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. She can crack a joke to make you smile when you’re sad or hurt, she can take charge in an emergency, and she can make sure you get your yellow sheets in on time!  Linda embodies what it means to be a part of the Athenian community through and through and the entire school will be forever better because of her contributions.

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