Hacking Summer

A group of Middle School students worked with teacher Meng Liao to form a Hackathon team this summer. On August 18, 37 students from China and America joined the Code Quest Hackathon at Stanford University as part of the CodeCombat and Tarena International Coding Tournament.

The international tournament challenged students to build collaborative projects that were evaluated by professional judges and volunteers from Stanford, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Using Python, groups coded a CodeCombat game in a three-hour time limit. They then demomstrated their project and presented it in front of the panel of judges.

The Athenian students performed outstandingly and won a number of prizes. Click on the name of their team to play their Hackathon games!

Committee Grand Prize

Team Anti-Hackers (Neal Chohan ‘24)

Team Dream Chaser (Quynh-Anh Nguyen ‘24)

Champion in Creativity & Computational Thinking

Team Code Hack (Charlie Langendorf ‘25)

Silver in Creativity

Team Normal (Sabrina Chang ‘24)

Silver in Computational Thinking & Bronze in Best Collaboration

Team Kings (Owen Williams ‘25)

Silver in Best Collaboration & Bronze in Computational  Thinking

Team Joker (Kaustubh Pullea ‘24)

Bronze in Best Presentation

Team Little Yellow Crab (Adam Zhuang ‘25)

Bronze in Best Collaboration

Team The X-Men (Sebastian Vargas ‘24)

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