Pillar Podcast: Sustainable Living with Hudson Scott and Brittany SchlaeGuada

The Pillar, Athenian’s student-run publication, moved online in the Spring of 2020, and with this came the opportunity to report in alternative formats like audio and video. Hudson Scott ‘21 was the first to take advantage of this new form of reporting, creating podcasts on Race in the Bay Area and Sustainable Living for the October 2020 Pillar.

In this podcast, Hudson and Athenian Science Instructor Brittany SchlaeGuada discuss the record-breaking 2020 fire season, electric vehicles, personal decisions affecting the environment, and environmental activism for larger-scale change.

Hudson says he was inspired to work on a podcast “Through watching other podcasters like Joe Rogan. I saw that he would have conversations with interesting and respected individuals on a variety of topics, so I wanted to try my own rendition of that.”

Hudson’s focus is on the quality of the conversation, and this shows through in his work.

“I came up with with both topics thus far – sustainability and race – simply by thinking about which teachers and faculty I would enjoy having a discussion with. Those people happened to be Brittany and Kal, respectively.”

Hudson is currently working on an upcoming podcast on the election. Stay tuned for more audio reporting from The Pillar!

This podcast by Hudson Scott was originally published in Athenian’s student-run publication, The Pillar.